The garden chairs

Our garden chairs match perfectly with our garden benches and form beautiful sets when combined with our garden tables. Due to our unique production process our chairs are optimally protected against weather influences. This, combined with high quality sustainable materials guarantee low maintenance and weatherproof garden furniture that can be left outside all year round.

For young and old

For young and old


Our entire collection of garden furniture is made to complement each other. We advice to mix and match our garden chairs with our garden benches and tables. We offer 6 models of garden chairs, 8 models of garden benches and 7 types of garden tables, so the combining possibilities are endless!

We combine die-cast aluminium legs and armrests with an aluminium seat and backrest, these sustainable materials are optimally protected by our high quality lacquer, guaranteeing a long life for your garden furniture. Besides our regular colours classical green and midnight blue, the entire collection is available in every Ral and Futura colour.

The care and knowledge put in the production of our garden chairs make them low maintenance: all you have to do is clean them once in a while.